HCG Weight Loss Patients Review

As a person who enjoys an active and fun lifestyle I became very frustrated when I was unable to shed the pounds I had gained following the births of my two awesome children. I felt that if I just “did my best” then logically the weight would just come off. Not so. That’s when I found Mary Ann Simpson. I wanted to take my health to the next level so that I could be around to see my children’s children grow. At this point I had a pretty lofty goal for fat loss and I was feeling very intimidated since occasional clean eating and exercise weren’t exactly cutting it. I would have mild successes but nothing significant enough to improve my health. I had joint pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and many more adverse side effects from the extra weight I was carrying. Not to mention my favorite outfits no longer fit. This is when, with the help of Mary Ann, I decided to take control of my life and health and start her HCG program. I was ready, and willing to take this head on. Just one week into the program I felt so much better, sleeping like a rock and shedding weight fast! I was already starting to feel like myself again! And that fat loss success and healthy feeling just kept going through out the program. My experience with HCG is unparalleled with any other method of fat loss I’ve ever tried. It’s so motivating to get quick results and that keeps you going! With the help and guidance of Mary Ann, HCG worked wonders for me! I was able to dig deep and find the root causes that were preventing me from living that fun, on-the-go lifestyle that I love! I am beyond grateful to have found this life changing program!! Can’t thank you enough Mary Ann! -Katie

I researched the HCG diet and found Embody Wellness and Mary Ann. I was focused and wanted quick weight loss and very pleased with my results–18.5 pounds in 6 weeks. The HCG Diet works–but you must remain focused and follow the program to a tee! I’m extremely happy and grateful to Mary Ann! -Anne

I’m a 48 yr. old female with an auto immune disease, chronic pain and hormone issues. I can honestly say that after working with Mary Ann my life has improved dramatically! The cost is comparative to other practitioners of this nature and Mary Ann’s knowledge, compassion and assistance is invaluable. I’ve referred a number of friends, family and clients and will continue to. I’ve also had opportunities to work with everyone else there to differing degrees and they are all remarkable. -Casandra

I want to thank Mary Ann Simpson for her very professional and practical care. I was in great need of assistance, and my sister referred me to her. During my initial visit with her, Mary Ann very professionally and kindly explained my options, and the pros and cons of different treatments. She listened to me and answered my many questions with great patience and thoroughness. She was available for follow-up through email and phone contact, and helped me through some difficult situations. I have greatly benefited from her care. I would highly recommend Mary Ann to anyone in need of these services. -Laura

I wanted to let Mary Ann know that I am starting to regain my energy and enjoy my life again. I am experiencing less anxiety and am able to do things that were so difficult before. I am generally feeling more alive, positive optimistic, and energetic. I feel it on a cellular, energetic level. Thank you ALL for your support and the work that you do on behalf of the women in our community. I was very despondent when I came to you and now feel like I have hope.

In deep gratitude and warm regards! -Kai

“Mary Ann Simpson is AMAZING! She actually spends time listening to your issues. She is kind and caring. If you are experiencing fatigue or brain fog, feeling lethargic, or are having a hard time losing weight, you might need to get your hormones checked. She offers bio-identical hormones or BHRT. And you can get the B12 with MIC shots at her office too! These shots give you more energy, improve your mood, decrease anxiety, and can help you loose weight. Mary Ann is a truly compassionate health care provider.” -Melissa S.

“Thank you so much for all the help, advise, all-natural supplements & vitamins Brennan! After not touching a weight in 1.5yrs due to work and a puppy the help you and Erik Elkington gave me while I was in town has truly got me back on track to living healthy again. I weighed in 11 days ago @ 202.4lbs which is the heaviest I’ve ever been. After only 8 days of the following I’ve dropped a healthy 10lbs and I’m down to 192.2lbs. Daily multi-vitamin pack (BCI), pure protein (sfh), recovery protein (sfh), ONNIT, Vaper, Iron Dream & Deer Antler extract. I haven’t gone crazy with my diet but have traded candy bars for Quest Bars, snacks for a quick protein shake or beef jerky, soda pop for coconut water or gatorade. 40min of weight training 6 days a week, 20min hard cardio and still 8-10miles of walking my pup Vuk everyday. Can’t thank you enough. I’ll send some before and after pics when the first 90 days is up. Feeling amazing after 11 days and I’m still in shock at the change only after this short time. 10 healthy pounds lost in 8 days!! Can’t wait for your online store to get going. I need to order some more sfh protein already and know a lot of people who want to start ordering from #Embody as well…” –John Pozega Forrest